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Reviews From Google

“I have my fair share of speeding tickets, and have not gotten professional help with trying to fight them. I was highly recommended Mr. Foster by a friend who he’s helped with multiple times in the past, I will now use Mr. Foster for future tickets I could possibly receive. (Hopefully no more)”– Andrew S.

“Lets just say Jordan Foster has giving me hope on the justice system he handled my business with composure and professionalism. Having Mr Foster take care of this situation was a smart decision on my end having all 3 tickets dismissed. If you need an attorney i would definitely go to Jordan Foster.”– Jared N.

“Jordan has helped me get out of some mud. I am very thankful for Jordan. I had a couple speeding tickets back in the day and found myself in some mud and thanks to Jordan I kept my license. Jordan is a very professional, keeps you informed about what’s going on. Good quality. Worth every penny! Thanks to jordan my life is less stressful. I’ll go to”– Rosa R.

“Whether you need Sharp Jordan for a specific reason, he will make sure you are directed perfectly with ease one hundred percent! So don’t bypass Jordan Foster Law, PLLC for any reason! Jordan knows and so does his Law Firm! Jordan Foster Law is highly Professional, Phenomenal Quality, Thoroughly Responsive, and Beyond an Outstanding Value! When Jordan is busy, him and his Wife make sure you are focused on all the way and that says it all! Questions, Concerns, and ALL of your Reasons will be tended to by Jordan Foster Law! Stellar, Sharp, Concise, Precise, and Number One!!! Jordan is ALL that and Much More with his Experience, Knowledge, Patience and On It Edge that makes Jordan Foster Law Only Exceed, and Succeed Pros! Even if you are Anxious, Neurotic, Exotic, and Beyond Wound Up Like A Timex, Jordan Foster Law, PLLC WILL Calm your Nerves so that you exit feeling like you just stepped out of a Spa Soothed, and Relaxed! You are Taken Care Of 24/7 Muchly!”– Krissy L.

“I’ve chosen Mr. Foster to represent me in two separate traffic matters, although the circumstances of each case were very different, he was able to help deliver the an optimal outcome both times. This last case was very important, and I couldn’t be happier with conclusion or with the level of service and professionalism he delivered from start to finish.

I cannot overstate my recommendation of Jordan Foster as a legal representative.”– Nick D.

“I worked with Jordan on a traffic violation late last year. I have never retained an attorney before, so I was apprehensive to say the least. Jordan quickly assuaged me of any doubts, though. He was kind, responsive, diligent and exceedingly patient with me throughout the entire process. Though I hope to not need them, I would gladly request Jordan Foster for his services again in the future!”– Noah B.

“Jordan has defended me a few times over the past five years. He always explains everything and how things are gonna go. Very responsive and provides extremely great value. I will always go to Jordan for the legal actions I need to be taken.”– Nick A

“Excellent lawyer. Thanks for your help!”– Phuong L.

“Absolutely worth every penny. Very flexible pay options, and extremely hard worker. He made my nightmare go away in a very timely manner! I can’t say enough good things about Jordan Foster! If you need a lawyer, call him first.”– Leonardo A.

“Highly recommend Jordan. He is very professional, quick, easy to work with and prompt in responding. As promised he took care of my case. Thanks Jordan.”– Hema S.

“I took my case up with him and he agreed to represent me. He explained things well and clearly. He was there with an answer every time I had a question. Always within reach. He’s super reliable and will do everything in his power until your case gets resolved.”– Juana P.

“Mr. Foster was very knowledgeable and professional. He is reliable, easy to communicate with and showed me that he truly cares about his clients. He helped me get through a rough part of my life and proved my innocence. I can’t thank him enough”– tevin c.

“Short, sweet, to the point, and effective.”– Ryan S.

“Thanks Jordan, you did a heroric job on mine and my wife’s case. You worked out a great deal for us taking most of 3 days to workout.”– Ken G.

“Absolutely the smoothest process for having a speeding ticket contested in Pierce county. Jordan was extremely prompt in contacting me, very helpful in answering all of my questions, and provided easy and convenient methods of communication (text when not available, sending him a picture of my infraction notice by text). On top of all that, he was able to secure a very favorable outcome when it came to my situation. Thank you, Jordan!”– Max

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Reviews From AVVO

“Jordan was able to get me out of a traffic infraction easily and in a very professional way. I highly recommend him.”– Marie

“I talked to over 12 different lawyers on the phone before hiring Jordan. I knew at the beginning that he was the best fit for me. He did not pressure me at all and explained the process clearly. I could tell he would help me with integrity and respected the fact that he was the only one of the 12 that didn’t bad mouth the prosecutors in the courthouse. He listened to what I wanted and supported that decision. I didn’t feel pressure to make a decision at any time. Thanks Jordan!”– A Satisfied Client

“Excellent Service. Jordan Foster was able to get son’s speeding ticket dismissed without requiring my son to appear in court. Since my son goes to Pittsburgh for his college, this was very helpful. We just sent him the ticket and his payment and got the dismissal in email a few weeks later.”– Arvind

“Jordan handled my case of a speedy ticket near Mt. Rainier. It was my first time consulting a lawyer and I was stressed. I contacted Jordan via email and phone calls. He was easy going, gave me instructions, and took care of all the court hearing. The process was very smooth and my ticket was finally dismissed (due to some luck).”– A Satisfied Client

“Jordan was thorough and professional. He gave me a frank assessment of my case with no drama, then handled everything from there. Most important, he won my case. Would definitely use him again.”– A Satisfied Client

“Highly recommended! Jordan did an outstanding job handling my speeding ticket reducing it to non-moving violation. Jordan agreed to take the case on extremely short notice (i had only 1 day to file the dispute) and despite the fact that the infraction was in Mason county, not a typical area that Jordan handles. Very happy with his work!”– Gregory

“Jordan took on my case, while I lived and worked far away, over 100 miles away. He made it a easy for me since I was so far away. He was always accessible to contact and follow up with. I felt that he was able to see how I needed help and was able to fight to get my resolution. I’m very grateful that Jordan took my case and was able to help.”– A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Jordan Foster is an incredible lawyer! Exceeded every expectation I had for a lawyer. He is willing to answer any questions you may have. Very knowledgeable of the law and helped me get the best possible outcome for my case. I was originally arrested for a DUI and with his amazing help I walked away with reckless driving and minor fines.. I would highly recommend MR. foster for anyone that has any legal matter. He is the best! Thank you for everything you have done.”– Jina

“I hired jordan a year ago. I was prosecuted with a dui. It got dropped to neg driving because of his awesome represention. With community service i only paid 184 dollars as a fine.. I wasnt bothered by community service even though my hours are done i still volunteer at the kacaw rescue. Walked me through and was honest. And believed he gave 100 percent to me case. If you want a legend hire jordan.”– rita

“My experience with Jordan was great. If I ever had any other legal issues in the future I would come back to him! He got me exactly what I was asking for from the courts when all others said I wouldn’t have a chance! He was always professional, knowledgeable, and guided me through the entire process. Not once did I ever feel judged by him, and he cared a great deal about the outcome of my legal matter. He was always super easy to get in touch with whenever I needed him. I would highly recommend Jordan to anyone looking for representation. He will do his absolute best to help you with your needs.”– Brett

“After my entire life of being a clean-cut, law-abiding citizen, I unfortunately found myself in some legal woes facing a federal criminal charge. After “shopping” around, I picked Jordan to legally represent me. From the first meeting he was professional, cordial, informative, pragmatic, and most importantly, I did not feel pressured to hire him or sign paperwork as I did with many other attorneys. He understood that I was going through a difficult situation, and was confident he could get a better outcome than the charge I was facing. As the months went on (my situation was relatively drawn out), every time I had a question he would either have an answer or get me one promptly. Any phone calls/messages, emails, etc were responded to in a timely, professional manner. My case was pretty cut-and-dried, and there was not much to negotiate. In the courtroom, although I was very nervous, he made me feel at ease and explained every part of the process so there were no surprises. In the end, although it wasn’t the exact outcome I had envisioned- he was able to negotiate an outcome that will eventually leave me with a clean record and that’s really all that matters.”– ashleyhall619

“I have nothing but the highest praise for Jordan Foster, Daryl Graves, and the staff at Daryl Graves Law. Jordan handled my case which involved hit and run attended vehicle x2 and negligent driving, which to me were very serious, and by definition, criminal traffic charges. Jordan really put me at ease at the initial consultation as he made certain that I fully understood the process, timeline, and expectations. He kept me informed of the progress on his dealings with insurance companies, the affected parties, the prosecutor, and he specifically spelled out to me what I needed to do on my end to help him put together the most comprehensive and advantageous package for my defense.

In summary, my confidence in Jordan Foster and the team at Daryl Graves Law was reinforced at each step along the way in dealing regarding this matter. This kept me at ease emotionally, as I knew Jordan was doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes and would leave nothing to chance.

The ultimate resolution to this matter was very much in my favor, as I received a traffic infraction with all criminal charges dropped. I know that this was not a random result, but only due to the exemplary work of Jordan Foster and the team at Daryl Graves Law. They are truly pros!!!

Excellent! Highly recommend!!”– Doug

“Recently I had an issue that led me to contact Jordan Foster. My experience was quite positive. Jordan was open, honest, direct and a good listener. He spoke to me in plain language rather than legal jargon, which put me at ease. He responded quickly and without hesitation when referring to specific laws, showing me he was well versed and confident. With a combination of excellent interpersonal skills and detailed knowledge Jordan left me with a great impression. In fact, I was so impressed with Jordan that I took it upon myself to share my thoughts and his contact information with others in a similar situation.”– Crystal

“I found Attorney Foster here on AVVO after reviewing the site for information related to my legal issue. Attorney Foster had posted a response to a post left by another visitor to AVVO. After being impressed by his response, I decided to contact Attorney Foster via the AVVO system. Attorney Foster responded to my e-mail literally within hours! After our initial e-mail exchange, Attorney Foster continued working with me by answering my questions and being compassionate until I could grasps what my legal alternatives were. Attorney Foster NEVER attempted to pressure me into retaining him; he did not cut me off pending the payment of fees for consultation, nor were fees mentioned until he had answered my questions and I had decided to retain him for his services. Attorney Foster impressed me with his compassion, his understanding and his willingness to patiently assist me in understanding my legal rights. I could not ask for a better representative of what a lawyer should be! Thank you Attorney Foster!”– Mike

“Mr. Foster is very knowledgeable about Construction Law and was extremely helpful.”– A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Foster is very knowledgeable about Construction Law and was extremely helpful.”– A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Foster was very informative and assisted us with our breach of contract suit. He helped us win our case and receive our settlement. He was very easy to contact, extremely informative and was always available to answer our questions or concerns.”– Nancy

“As a last resort to collect a judgment I hired Jordan Foster. He took my case and within a short time he had the task handled and I was depositing my check.”– Carl

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