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Typically, the average prosecutor is overworked. They don’t have the time or want to take every case to trial. As a result, many come to the table with a plea offer. Though not guaranteed, they may offer a reduction in charges or the number of charges that someone might be facing.

If it is a first-time offender, your odds of getting a plea deal are higher. There is a consensus that if the individual has not been in trouble with the law before, it affords them some sort of leeway in terms of a lesser or a reduction in charges.

If the individual has prior criminal charges, history, or similar offenses they’ve been convicted of, your odds are significantly lower. Prosecutors are less likely to give the benefit of the doubt to repeat offenders. As a result, the prosecutor will be more likely to seek a conviction for someone with a criminal history.

What Are Potential Defenses That Could Be Viable In A Drug Case?

The main defense of a drug case focuses on general deniability. This means we work to convince the prosecutor/jury that the drugs or other paraphernalia were not the clients. Additionally, we work to prove that it cannot be associated with our clients and there was no intent to possess, manufacture, or deliver drugs.

Is It Possible To Have A Drug Charge Reduced In Washington State?

Yes, it is always possible to have a drug charge reduced in the state of Washington. The prosecution can offer a reduction in the amount of charges or a reduction from a higher level of crime to a lower level.

Are Most Drug-Related Cases Settled With Plea Offers?

Each case is going to be different; we must analyze each on a case-by-case basis. Based on our experience, 80% to 90% of all cases do resolve in a reduction of charges, potential dismissal, or less severe punishment. When the prosecutor is not working with us to find an agreeable solution, those cases generally proceed to trial. Then we may be able to achieve a more favorable outcome.

How Does Drug Court Work In Washington? Is This The Right Choice For Everyone?

Drug court is a therapeutic court, and it is not necessarily the best solution for everyone. But if someone is facing significant charges or potential jail time, they have the option of getting into drug court.

Usually, it involves the individual going through a drug treatment program, counseling, and Sober Support meetings. The average duration is at least a year. At the end of the drug court program, there may be an opportunity to have the criminal charges withheld or dismissed.

It is important to remember that this is not the case for every drug court participant. But in most cases, the charges can get dismissed or taken off someone’s record after the completion of drug court.

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